Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Product information

What are The Maccs?

Great question! 

Michelle’s Maccs are an addictive blend of Belgian chocolate and chewy coconut. Imagine if the famous Mounds Bar died, and was reborn as a rare and artisanal treat, handcrafted with the finest ingredients available. The Maccs would still be better than that - consciously baked with natural, ethical and premium ingredients.

The Maccs come in many specialty flavors. The 15 current selections range from Simple Dark, to bold blends like Salted Caramel, Piña Colada, Orange Zest, Key Lime, and 10 more.

How big are The Maccs?

It takes 1-2 bites maybe even 3 to eat a Macc. Michelle can take 10 bites – she nibbles as we hear many customers do. Each Macc is between .8 - .10 ounces and about 1.5” x 1.5”, depending on the flavor.

How many Maccs should I order?

Experience has shown us that no one can eat just one Macc. Most people eat two Maccs in one sitting if they do not eat all of them at once. CAUTION: We hear that a lot but do not worry next time you will savor your Maccs, promise. They are just that good!

If you’re ordering for a gift or a party, we suggest choosing the Build Your Dozen or Variety Pack. The more Maccs, the merrier. Call or email us if you need larger quantities.

Warning: The Maccs are wonderfully addictive.

Are The Maccs Perishable?

YES! Maccs are perishable. We bake to order and ship. If you do not eat your Maccs right away store them in the fridge or even better the freezer so that your Maccs stay in their freshest state. As with any fresh baked product that has no preservatives Maccs are perishable.

If sending as a gift the shipping boxes do come with a perishable sticker as well as a direction card.

Can I freeze The Maccs?

Yes, please do. If you’re not going to eat your Maccs right away, we recommend freezing them. The Maccs are outrageously delicious right from the freezer. In fact, Michelle’s kids devour them right out of the freezer and prefer them that way.  Other people feel they are best served at room temperature. So, experiment and discover your favorite way to enjoy The Maccs!

Are Michelle’s Maccs gluten-free?

Yes. Maccs are naturally wheat and gluten-free. They’re made on equipment that’s wheat and gluten-free and have been tested to be gluten-free. But, since we bake in a bakery that does use wheat flour we’re not gluten-free certified, so you may want to check with your doctor before eating a Macc. 

Are there egg products in Michelle’s Maccs?

No. We don’t use eggs in any of our products.   

Are there nuts in Maccs? 

Our Peanut Butter Maccs are made with the most amazing peanut butter, so they do have nuts in them. The Macadamia Macc also. We bake both nutty Maccs in a separate area and on different equipment. If you have a peanut allergy do not order these Maccs or The Simple Milk Maccs. Otherwise there is no cross contamination with any of the other Macc Flavors.

Do Maccs contain dairy?


Do Maccs contain soy?

Yes. Soy Lecithin is an important natural emulsifier. It keeps the cocoa and cocoa butter in the chocolate from separating.

How should I store my Maccs?

This is a craft product. Unlike mass-produced candies that are filled with chemicals and preservatives. This natural and handcrafted treat is much more susceptible to environmental factors. To enjoy the nuances of the Maccs, bring them to room temperature. To store the Maccs and enjoy later, keep them in the freezer. When ready, bring them to room temperature.


Ordering Information

What are your operating hours?

We’re open Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4 pm EST. We do take the weekends and usually major holidays off. 

Please email us: and a member of The Macc team will get back to you shortly!

What is your return/exchange policy?

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love your Maccs when they arrive. If you do have an issue with your order please let us know. We will do everything in our power to make it right.

Michelle’s Maccs is a perishable item that cannot be returned. We do always want you to have a great Macc experience, so please email us at: with any issues.

When checking out of Michelle’s Maccs website, Customers agree to the following agreement:

“By submitting my order: I understand once my Maccs are delivered, I am responsible to get my package out of my mailbox, porch or delivery area to prevent them from melting in the warm weather. All transactions are secure and encrypted.”

For more information, please email

Can I send The Maccs as a gift?

Of course, you can. We are always honored when Maccs are shared as a gift. For more information visit our gift page.

Please note: we are fastidious about our carbon footprint at our bakery and with our packaging - gift packaging is an option at check out or visit our gift page.

Can I purchase a gift certificate? 

Of course, you can. Click here to learn more about our gift cards.

Can I make a custom order?

Please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I use more than 1 coupon code at once?

No, using more than 1 code at a time is restricted by our Website Platform. As a small business (we are not Hershey) we do our best to be as generous and appreciative of your business when we give out our Macc gifts and coupon codes.


Shipping and Delivery

How long will it take for my Maccs to arrive?

All Maccs are baked fresh to order just for you. Depending on your place in line that happens in 1 to 2 days (weekdays only) from the time you place your order.

Summer shipping or if you live in a warm climate add 1 day. We tuck your Maccs away in our freezers overnight.

Standard shipping takes 1 – 3 days, depending on your location.

During the summer months please be a bit patient. We have a tried-and-true process so that your Maccs arrive perfectly BUT you must MEET YOUR MACCS. They cannot survive a hot mailbox or porch after their travels to you.

Everyone who supports this independent woman-owned business knows we are not a shipping company. Therefore, we ask you to promise to: MEET YOUR MACCS when they arrive.

NOTE: We are not responsible for melted Maccs after the delivery. Michelle’s Maccs uses an excellent quality of Belgian chocolates. This means they are particularly sensitive to heat. They cannot withstand hot porch-life after their travels to you.

If you have any special delivery needs, please let us know at or leave a message at 1-800-674-0375 before purchasing.

Can I make a change to my order?

Once you have ordered your Maccs if you need to change your order you can do so up until 7:00 am the following day. We start making your Maccs first thing in the morning, especially for you:)   That's why we cannot accept any order changes after that time. Please make sure to email so that we can accommodate your order change.

Where do you ship to?

We ship Maccs to every street address in the continental United States. 

Is the delivery date guaranteed?  

Once the Maccs are in the shipper’s hands, there is no absolute guarantee. Because we’re not a shipping company, we cannot guarantee shipping company’s performances.

If a delivery is needed for a special event or specific date, we highly recommend contacting our customer service team at before purchasing.

What happens if my order is delayed? 

Once the Maccs leave our bakery, we rely on the shipper to get them to you in the estimated delivery time, pending no weather delays.

If you fill in the correct and complete address when you placed your order, your Maccs ‘should’ arrive on time. If they do not, we will do everything we can to help get your Maccs to you in the event of an issue.

If you have any special delivery needs, please let us know at or give us a call: 1-800-674-0375.

Do you ship during hot Summer? 

PLEASE visit our SUMMER SHIPPING Info page

Yes, we do ship during the Summer. Maccs are shipped with cold packs and insulated liners. Some orders may require 2nd Day shipping.

Please keep track of your order status and meet your package as soon as it arrives. REMEMBER to MEET YOUR MACCS. Maccs cannot survive in a hot mailbox or on a sunny porch at the end of their travels to you. You MUST be on the lookout for your Maccs so keep your eyes and ears open once you get your tracking number.

NOTE: We are not responsible for melted Maccs upon delivery. Michelle’s Maccs use excellent quality of Belgian chocolates. This means they are particularly sensitive to heat. They do not withstand porch-life.

Again, to get the full skinny on summer shipping go to THIS PAGE!