About Michelle & The Maccs

Michelle and Sadie


Everything great in my life started in my kitchen. As a New York City working mom of four and a triathlete, cooking and especially baking’s always been my way of relaxing and sharing my love with family and friends.

4 picky kids and Gluten intolerant, I began playing around with ingredients in the kitchen.  I invented and perfected a special way to blend and bake two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate, and coconut.

Almost twenty years ago The Maccs were born and WOW they have come a long way since!!

I am my worst critic and well, look at the reviews!! The Maccs have evolved into a “dance on your palette delectable treat”. They are truly fabulous and unique.

It has been some ride…

Simple, decadent treats made with dense, chewy, shredded coconut. The Maccs are crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside and enrobed in melt-in-your mouth Belgian chocolate. They’re naturally gluten-free, made without eggs and almond paste, and a hit with everyone who tastes them.

Baked with lots and lots of love, The Maccs are bite-sized indulgences you can savor by yourself or celebrate with a crowd of your favorite people. I think everyone should have a stash in their freezer!

I see the joy, love & excitement that The Maccs bring into everyone’s lives. I am thrilled and honored to share them with you.



“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”
- Charles M Schultz