100% Natural

Simple ingredients you can smile about and pronouce. Handcrafted in New York & wonderfully addictive.


Naturally gluten free with no eggs, flour, or almond paste - no binders!

Baked with Love

A coconut filling baked to perfection, creating a crispy outer layer & rich, velvety center. The Maccs are then enrobed with Fair Trade Belgian chocolates and sealed with Love.

What Are The Maccs?

The Maccs are a sweet treat filled with the goodness of coconut and bathed in Fair trade Belgian chocolates. They’re naturally gluten - free with no eggs flour or almond paste, no binders which requires a special making and baking process to create Macc Magic.

Michelle has loved chocolate and coconut since she was a kid & adores sweet treats. She became the mother of 4 picky kids and a triathlete super conscientious about nutrition with a wheat intolerance, so she invented The Maccs.

Maccs are an indulgent dessert with no negative consequences nor any snacking remorse. They are exceptionally delicious and promise to make you smile.

Diets & deprivation just don’t work!! It’s about incorporating things into your life that lead to a healthy lifestyle and promote longevity. One or two Maccs your heart is warmed, and sweet tooth satisfied.


Made In New York. Baked Fresh to Order. Wonderfully Addictive.

Raspberry Blackout Macc


Simon, our friend, and most amazing artisanal bread baker, cooked up his raspberry preserves just for our new Raspberry Blackout Macc.

TBH Hazelnut Maccs

The Hazelnut Macc.

Remember that hazelnut chocolate spread we all grew up with, well… fuhgeddaboudit. Hazelnut Macc is full of the good stuff and less of the bad.


We Dare You To Eat Just One!

Try all 15 unique flavor combinations today, and treat yourself to the all-natural gourmet goodness you deserve...

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Maccs and Beer

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Meet Michelle

This certified chocolatier, former triathlete, and mother of 4 is reinventing a New York classic with her flavorful, chocolate-covered twist on a coconut macaroon.