Coupon FAQ

How do I use a coupon code?

On the checkout page, there is  a field to add your coupon code. If you are shopping from a mobile device, you may need to click “Show order summary” to view the field.

How many coupons can I use per order?

Unless otherwise stated, you can only use one coupon per order. If you already have a coupon applied to your cart and you add another, the previous coupon will be removed and the new coupon will be applied.

Why isn’t the coupon working?

There can be a few reasons for a coupon to not work.

  • You must add the product to your cart first: If your coupon gives you a free product, you must first add the product to your cart and then use the coupon.
  • You already used the coupon: Usually, our coupons can only be used once per order and sometimes once per customer. If you already used that coupon, you cannot use it again.
  • You aren’t eligible for the coupon: Double-check the coupon requirements. Reach out to us at