Our Health Crisis FAQ page

Can I order Maccs? Are you still shipping?

Yes! Michelle's Maccs is staying open.

We chose to stay open because it's the right thing to do in the current situation. It is essential that all food production continues uninterrupted. Online delivery and home delivery are the safest way to continue to provide people with the things that they both require and make them happy. We're going to stay incredibly safe and vigilant here at the bakery. And we're going to continue to bring people smiles and pleasure in a difficult time.


What's the status of my order and delivery? 

You can track your order and deliveries on MichellesMaccs.com. Just sign in to your account or create one using the email you used on your order. You can change the delivery address for an order until it ships. Once your order has shipped, you can find tracking information in your order details.


Why are Maccs taking longer to ship?

As COVID-19 has spread, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. In addition, the delivery services such as USPS and UPS are struggling to keep up with this increase. We are doing our best to serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our employees. These safety measures include adding protocols that slow down our logistics and order processing.  


Will My Maccs be fresh?

Yes, we bake to order. 

That means your Maccs don't get baked until after your order is received. Once you place your order, it can take 2 to 3 days for us to make it. We are getting a high volume of orders. So, depending on your place in line in can it can go quicker or slower. As soon as your Maccs are scanned by the delivery service, you will get a tracking number in your email.


Is it safe to receive orders?

Yes, it is.

Coronaviruses spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 by food. It is not a food-borne gastrointestinal (GI) virus.  Food-borne exposure to this virus is not a known route of transmission. 

Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, our workers follow strict protocols. 

These are the protocols we follow to ensure the protection of our customers and staff:

  1. Wear workplace uniform shirt and aprons - these do not leave the worksite
  2. Wear hairnets at all times.
  3. Use gloves at all times. Replace gloves at any point during the chain of transmission. This includes if you touch the floor, touch your face, touch your phone, after cleaning any surface, or between tasks.
  4. Frequently wash hands - before work, before entering a new area of the workplace, after task change, after sampling the food, if you touch your face, if you touch your hair, after using a phone, after return to the floor from office/bathroom/outside…
  5. Use hand sanitizer frequently - after washing and drying hands, after handling packaged goods,
  6. Wear masks at all times. This includes after baking, during tempering, during dipping, during packaging, during boxing. 
  7. As an extra precaution to help avoid the transmission of COVID-19 through surface contact, do frequent washing and sanitizing of all food contact surfaces and utensils, packing area, and packaging materials.
  8. Do not use cell phones anytime on the bakery floor
  9. Maintain a safe distance from all employees. There is no hugging, handshakes, whispering, or any close contact
  10. Follow shelter at home orders when not at work. 
  11. Restrict contact to people outside of your home.  
  12. Practice social distancing at all times.
  13. Report any symptoms immediately.

We follow these practices with strict compulsion.

Also, all our employees get sick pay and do not have to come to work if unwell.